Jeff Menteer calls the Seattle area home. After being asked to leave his elementary school band because he would never practice his clarinet he picked up the old guitar sitting around the house with the Hawaiian dancers painted on it and he found his connection to himself through music. This led to garage bands (not what his parents had planned!) which evolved into playing in numerous rock bands that worked in clubs throughout the great Pacific Northwest. While in college, he spent a couple years playing in a country band every weekend at the collection of clubs on the state line between Washington and Idaho plus did the guitar work for EWSU’s production of the rock opera Tommy. While he was a poor student the allure of money grabbed him and he set off on a ten year odyssey that took him from working in Prudhoe Bay, Alaska to the Persian Gulf side of Saudi Arabia and to travels through the Seychelles Islands, India, Thailand, Laos, Malaysia and the Philippines. He crewed on a 100-ton sailboat, the Lene Marie, on an extended trip down the Pacific side of Latin America, transiting the Panama Canal into the Caribbean. After he married, working and raising a family became his priorities though he still kept up his playing and songwriting occasionally playing a string of gigs with some friends. Finally when his children were in high-school he had to get back into playing out in the clubs and concerts. He plays gigs mostly with the award winning Seattle based Stacy Jones Band as well as his band, Jeff Menteer & The Beaten Path. He has written songs for and recorded 5 CDs with the Stacy Jones Band plus his newly released “The Nature of My Dreams” solo CD.

Jeff’s interests have leaned primarliy towards the many styles of the Blues the last 10 years. A consummate songwriter and student of the guitar, Jeff plays custom-built amplifiers and has a modest collection of Tokai guitars which he gigs and records with. Look for a section on his gear as the website matures.